Dad Has Weird Feeling So He Sets Up Camera, He’s Beside Himself At What He Sees After Hitting Play

A little boy from Florida has taken the internet by storm after his father stumbled upon some CCTV footage that shows the little boy out of bed at 2AM.

After the little tyke sneaks out of bed, he goes into the living room where the security camera catches his escapade red handed. Instead of sneaking out for a midnight snack, the little boy starts going wild. He begins jumping and playing over all of the furniture before he starts to get violent. He proceeds to punch and kick things in an uncontrollable rage that is not only bizarre but troubling for his Florida family.

Check tout the strange footage now to see what this little boy was up to!

After setting up home security cameras to make sure his family is safe, Cody Wray, who is originally from Texas, decided to scroll through the footage before deleting it. That’s when he was shocked to see what his 6-year-old boy Dylan did in the middle of the night when everyone else was sleeping.

Apparently, he sneaked out of bed at 2am to go wild in the living room, burning off his energy because he couldn’t sleep.

In the clip, you’ll see little Dylan cartwheeling and jumping around the living room. It’s a miracle he didn’t know over any valuables. He jumps off the couch and careens into the kitchen where he starts flicking the light on and off in a potentially medicated rage.

Although he was playing in the pitch darkness, the boy seemed to enjoy having the house to himself. Since the clip was uploaded to Wray’s Facebook page, it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and counting.

In the video, which was uploaded on October 19, Cody writes, “Looking through security footage when I found this event in the middle of the night in my living room. He’s so dead.”

More than 180 people have shared comments with a lot of questions.

“If he starts walking backwards on his hands up the stairs, I’d seek help.”

“I wonder if he is on ADD medication. This seems kind of worrisome.”

“Not sure he deserves punishment…I think he deserves some gymnastics classes”

Because of all the comments, Cody decided to explain further about what happened.

“Evidently my 6yo woke up in the middle of the night to have a fun time doing all the things we told him he wasn’t allowed to do. Jumping on the couches, cartwheels in the living room, playing with the lights. Little kid goes crazy at 2am.”

Because the video has caused backlash, Dylan’s mother posted an explanation about how Dylan and his brother are not usually allowed to play on the furniture.

“They both know not to climb on or jump on our new couches. Little turkey is lucky he’s cute!” she wrote.

Because the video went viral, WFAA asked Wray some questions. He said he thought Dylan was joking when he said he “gets up at 2am sometimes.”

“When I found the video, I couldn’t decide between grounding him for jumping on the couch or hugging him for being one of the funniest surprises I’ve ever had,” Wray said.

“This is the last image the camera captured before it was unplugged,” Wray wrote after the boy discovered he was being filmed.

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