Life Will Never Be The Same Again: Sliced Chocolate Is Now A Reality

Most people nowadays love them some good ol’ chocolate, right? I sure know I do. I don’t really mind what kind of chocolate I’m eating, because you know, chocolate is delicious and I don’t like to discriminate. I absolutely love spreading some good ol’ Nutella onto a piece of bread and just absolutely devouring it (I’m a shameless chocolate addict).

This is how everyone eats chocolate cake, right?

To be honest, I’m also a big fan of cheese and sliced cheese just makes life so much easier when you’re on the run or need some cheese that becomes delicious and gooey when melted (grilled cheese, anyone?). Well, I am proud to announce that mankind has reached its pinnacle of success (wait, chocolate is the pinnacle of success?). That’s right, the sliced chocolate dream has come to fruition. 

Perhaps some of you, unlike me, have an affinity for finer chocolate desserts, such as this:

Well, like the previously pictured dessert, these wonderful little chocolate slices can be dressed up. To be quite honest, they’re extremely versatile. How many ways can you really use these dangerous little chocolate squares?

You can eat them on pancakes, yum.

Throw a slice or two (or ten) of these onto some warm pancakes and watch them melt.

Throw them over some banana slices and melt.

Melting things just seems to make them that much more delicious.

Cut them into cute little shapes and put them between crackers

Chocolate overload. Cannot compute.

Did somebody say crepes?

That’s right, you can even put them inside of your crepes for a quick and easy chocolate fix. 

You can even create things with them.

This is for all you fancy pants chocolate lovers. Some beautiful little rose buds made from chocolate slices. Deeeeelish.

Some sort of chocolate wrapped éclair

Ah, the pièce de résistance. A beautiful chocolate bow with ribbons going down the side. Truly a fine piece of art.
So many delicious ways to eat such a simple treat. I, for one, am glad that Bourbon has taken the leap and introduced such delicious product. For those of you wondering where to get it, you can find it on Bourbon’s site (click me), but a word of warning, it’s all in Japanese.

Happy eating!

I guess in his case it would be sad eating, right?